Tóke ls. Caligo Beats - Lost In The Limitless (Remix)

by Tóke ls. Caligo Beats

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First collaboration of Reggae Newcomer Tóke with Hip Hop Producer Caligo Beats on this Remix of Tókes reflective and intimate song "Lost In The Limitless" (From the "Troddin' With A Vision EP").

Artists: Tóke, Caligo Beats
Lyrics: Tóke
Produced by Caligo Beats
Bass: Marco Rais Abin
Mixing & Mastering: Peak Studios


I ask myself: What is this?
I find myself lost in the limitless
big cities eating up the villages
too many blurred lines...

..and a lack of clear images
One desire crosses out the next till it diminishes
leaving me without solid ground to stand on, nor to trod on,
this feeling is an odd one

With so many visions till I get blind
trumbling on this road of undefinable kind
Where is my ground, where is my foundation?
What is the basis of my equation?

Is it the painted, or the erased one?
I‘ll have to go and find the next station
I‘ll get there, and there shall be a day one
All I need to do is stay strong

Judgement is complex - and not easy to identify,
While the feelings they intensify, but the sources can‘t be clarified
This way no action can be justified
Maybe it is just a fight - between me, me & me and the others that i‘ve got inside
While there is no reason and no god in sight
In this battle that I‘ve got in mind

Me desperately waan fi understand a whatta gwaan
the road is dissolving where me a trod pon
the times of emotional glory - dem a gone
wooh, me haffi find a new dawn

But right now wickedness a tek over mi thoughts
sucking all the blood left over ina mi heart
...me haffi find a new dawn

Searching for answers all the time
so many things that I cannot define
- lost in the limitless

So many ways that things can be seen
decide for yourself, which a dem a real!
- lost in the limitless

A so I travel through space and through time
Nuff time mi dung eventhough mi seem fine
Nuff time mi cyaan walk pon di straight line
A so mi haffi step out 6,7,8,9

And nuff time life ruff
But mi know seh dat - nuff time I man tuff
Nuff time I man cry but
Mi always a fly high like a butterly - cut!

A so mi fly trough di valley and trod‘ through di fields
fi clear up mi mind build a spiritual shield
dis is real, cause it‘s the way I feel
I hope there‘s peace inna mi mind now and its healed - wheel!

Yes I - troddin‘ with mi chest high
When mi blue listen to Caligo and then - uuuh!
All I need is love, mi nah care bout no fresh ride
Guess why - music hits and all I feel is - uuuh!

And actually yes I think I got a blessed life
i‘m just on a quest tryin to overcome the emptiness
But there‘s a fyah in my chest I
never forget cause that‘s what makes me a blessed guy, so....



released November 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Tóke Hamburg, Germany

Tóke is an Indonesian-German Reggae Singer- & Songwriter born in Jakarta, Indonesia and raised in the suburbs of Hamburg, Germany.
The 22 year old artist's Debut EP „Troddin‘ With A Vision“ is now available @ Bandcamp and reveals many facets of Tóke‘s talents, exposing his versatility and multiinstrumentality in a solid, completely self-produced 6-Track acoustic Reggae/ Singer- Songwriter EP.
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